Financial Solutions

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NFG Finance offer complete Financial Solution for Mortgages, Business & Asset Finance. Take a look at how we can help you today.

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Home loans

Whether you’re buying your very first home or your next home, we can get you market-ready to take this step with confidence and financial backing.

Business financing

Whether you’re launching a startup or expanding your enterprise, we ensure you’re financially equipped to navigate the world of business with assurance.

Equipment finance

Be it upgrading machinery or adopting new technology, we stand by you, ensuring your operations remain cutting-edge with the right financial support.

Commercial loans

From purchasing a new office space to acquiring commercial real estate, our tailored solutions will give you the financial strength to make your mark.

Construction loans

From laying the first brick to completing your dream project, we’re here to cement your financial foundation every step of the way.

Car finance

Whether it’s your first car or a fleet for your business, our bespoke financing options drive your dreams into reality with optimal terms.

Finance made easy

Finance is easy when you have a broker on your side. No more comparison sites or wondering what to do. Hand it over. With access to over 50 lenders we’ll find you a solution that works, today.

SMSF loans

Venturing into self-managed super funds? We guide you through, ensuring your investment strategy is backed by sound financial grounding.