Privacy Disclosure Statement & Consent


National Asset Finance Pty Ltd ABN 36 169 280 602 trading as National Financial Group, operator of the site and holder of Australian Credit Licence Number 459022, and College Capital Australia Ltd, ACN 613 138 113 (‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’) of Level 2, 33 Bank Street South Melbourne VIC 3205 collects information about you for the purposes you agree to in this Privacy Disclosure Statement and Consent. When you accept this statement as part of submitting an online application, you agree we can, consistently with Australia’s privacy and credit reporting laws, collect, use and exchange consumer and/or commercial credit and personal information (‘information’) about you for those purposes.

Privacy Disclosure Statement and Consent

We are collecting information about you, as applicable:
o To source for you, or a company of which you are a director:
• Consumer credit for personal, household, domestic or residential investment purposes;
• Commercial credit for business purposes; or
• Other services stated in this Privacy Disclosure Statement and Consent (Consent); or
o To support a guarantor application you will provide.

As your broker, we require the information we collect from you to assess your credit, or guarantor, application or the credit application of a company of which you are a director, source a suitable credit provider and any required insurances and to manage the application process, where required. If you do not provide the information sought we may be unable to process your application, or the company’s application, or we may be limited in the other services we can offer you or the company.

Your information – Collection and Disclosure

When we collect information from you in the credit or guarantor application process, we use that information in a number of ways to assess your application and, where appropriate, to source a suitable credit provider or lessor and/or insurance provider. We may, as appropriate:

• Disclose your identification information to a consumer credit reporting service (‘Consumer CRS) and/or a commercial credit reporting service (‘Commercial CRS’), if you wish us to obtain a report on your behalf;
• Use any information a credit reporting service provides in its report to assist us to preliminarily assess your credit or guarantor application;
• Disclose your information to an insurer or insurers to source any insurances you wish to obtain; and
• Disclose your information to a credit provider or credit providers to apply for finance on your behalf.

The information we obtain from you is used, subject to compliance with Australia’s privacy and credit reporting laws, only for the purposes listed in this Consent and is not disclosed to any other person except with your permission or as permitted, or required, by law.

Credit Providers

As part of providing our services to you, we may undertake tasks for a credit provider which are reasonably necessary to manage the application process. When doing so, we are acting as agent for the credit provider, with the same privacy law requirements applying to both of us.

We may submit your application to one or more credit providers. Those credit providers and their website addresses are set out in the Schedule 1 at the end of this document.

A credit provider, to whom we submit an application, may disclose information about you to, and collect information about you from, one or more Consumer CRS or Commercial CRS.

The website of each credit provider contains details of each Consumer CRS and Commercial CRS with which it deals and other details about information held about you, including whether that information may be held or disclosed overseas and, if so, in which countries. The websites also describe your key rights. These details may be described on the credit providers’ websites as ‘notifiable matters’, ‘privacy policy’, ‘credit reporting policy’ or ‘privacy disclosure statement and consent’, or similar.

For each Consumer CRS a credit provider uses the website details will include the following specific information:

• That the CRS may include information the credit provider discloses about you to other credit providers to assess your credit worthiness
• That, if you become overdue in making consumer credit payments or you commit a serious credit infringement, the credit provider may disclose that information to the Service
• How you can obtain the credit provider’s and/or the Service’s policies about managing your information
• Your right to access and/or correct information held about you and to complain about conduct that may breach the privacy and credit reporting laws
• Your right to request a CRS not to undertake pre-screening for purposes of direct marketing by a credit provider
• Your right to request a CRS not to release information about you if you believe you are a victim of fraud

This detail will also be included by the credit provider who approves your application in the privacy disclosure statement and consent document it will provide to you.

Each credit provider website includes information on how to contact it and how to obtain a copy of its privacy documents in a form that suits you (e.g. hardcopy or email).

Your rights

You have the right to ask:

• Us to provide you with all the information we hold about you
• Us to correct the information we hold if it is incorrect
• Us for copies of our privacy policy and this document, in a form that suits you (e.g. hardcopy or email)
• A Consumer CRS not to use your information for direct marketing assessment purposes, including pre-screening
• A credit reporting service to provide you with a copy of any information it holds about you
You can gain access to the information we hold about you by contacting our Privacy Officer at the address above or by telephone on 1300 737 600 or email at In some cases an administration fee may be charged to cover the cost of providing the information. Our Privacy Policy is available on our website at and we will provide you with a copy if you ask us.

Schedule 2 at the end of this document sets out the contact details for each credit reporting service.

Disclosure and Consent

By accepting these terms, either by signing them, by verbally giving us your consent, or by checking the acceptance box on your online application form, you agree we may:

• Use your information:
o To assess your consumer or commercial credit and/or guarantee application and/or to assess a credit application by a company of which you are a director
o To source any finances you required
o To source any insurances you require
o As the law authorises or requires;

• Disclose to, and obtain from, any prospective credit provider or insurer, information about you that is reasonably necessary to obtain the finance and insurances you require;
• Obtain from, and disclose to, any third party, information about you, the applicant(s) or guarantor(s) that is reasonably necessary to assist you obtain the finance and insurances required;
• Provide your information, including your credit report(s), to one or more of the credit providers specified in Schedule 1 at the end of this document so they can assess your application, or the application of a company of which you are a director, or your suitability as a guarantor
• Provide information about you to a guarantor, or prospective guarantor;
• Provide you, or the company of which you are a director, with offers or information of other goods or services we, or any of our associated entities, may be able to provide to you or the company, unless you tell us not to;
• Disclose your information to the extent permitted by law to other organisations that provide us with services, such as contractors, agents, printers, mail houses, lawyers, document custodians, securitisers and computer systems consultants or providers, so they can perform those services for us. This includes our overseas service providers in USA, UK, Philippines, India, China, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland, Singapore; and any other overseas provider listed under the schedule of credit providers. To obtain further details of overseas providers access the link to the credit provider’s website; and
• Disclose your information to any other organisation that may wish to acquire, or has acquired, an interest in our business or any rights under your contract with us, or the contract with us of a company of which you are a director.

You also agree and consent to, as appropriate:

• A Consumer CRS disclosing information to one or more credit providers specified in Schedule 1 at the end of this document for the purpose of assessing your application for consumer or commercial credit or your guarantor application, and/or assessing a credit application by a company of which you are a director
• When you are a prospective guarantor, a credit provider using that information to assess your suitability as a guarantor
• A credit provider disclosing your information (including information obtained by it from a Consumer CRS) to a guarantor, or a prospective guarantor
• A credit provider disclosing to another credit provider, to your agent, such as us as your broker, or to a servicer, for a particular purpose, information it holds about you

Extended Effectiveness for Commercial Credit

Your agreement and consent to the disclosures and consents in this document will be effective for a period of 12 months, but only in relation to commercial credit. Your agreement to this ceases when you either withdraw it by contacting us using our details above or 12 months after you sign below, whichever first occurs. This will allow us to continue to provide our services to you without the need to ask you to sign a new privacy statement and consent each time you require commercial credit within a 12 month period. The extended effectiveness does not apply in relation to consumer credit.

Where the applicant, or guarantor, is a company of which you are a director, you consent to the disclosure and use of your information, in addition to the company’s information, in each of the ways specified in this document.


By accepting the terms in this disclosure statement, you authorise us to make a request on your behalf to obtain information about you from one or more credit reporting service(s) and credit provider(s). That information will assist us in providing our services to you.



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  • Experian – – (03) 8622 1600
  • Dun & Bradstreet – – 1300 734 806
  • Tasmanian Collection Service – – (03) 6213 5555
  • Veda – – 1300 92 1621

Complaints Policy

At National Financial Group (NFG), we aim to provide the best service to you, our customers. We recognise that even in the best run organisations things can go wrong.

If you have a complaint, please tell us as soon as possible, so we can fix the problem. We will investigate the complaint, answer your questions and do all we can to resolve the situation to your satisfaction.

To assist us in helping you:

  1. Gather all supporting documents about your complaint. Then think about the questions you want answered and decide what you want us to do.
  1. Next, contact our Dispute Resolution Officer and explain the problem. You can contact us by phone, fax, mail or email. We would prefer your complaint was reduced to writing so we fully understand your issues.
  1. We will then review the situation and if possible resolve it straight away. Letting us know about the problem is often all that’s required to resolve most issues.

How can you contact us?

Address: Dispute Resolutions Officer
PO Box 9277
South Yarra VIC 3141

Ph: 0499 651 575, Email:, Web:

How long will it take before we get back to you?

Our aim is to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible. We ensure that any complaint is properly considered and responded to swiftly, and in most cases this will be within 21 days. Some matters however, are more complex and can take a little longer to resolve. If that is the case, we’ll keep you informed of our progress.

Complaint Resolution Procedure
The goal of this policy is to achieve an effective resolution of your complaint within a reasonable timeframe, usually 21 days or as soon as practicable. However, in some cases, particularly if the matter is complex, the resolution may take longer.

Once the complaint has been made, we will try to resolve the matter in a number of ways:

  1. Request further information – We may request further information from you. You should be prepared to provide us with as much information as possible, including details of any relevant dates and documentation. This will enable us to investigate the complaint and determine an appropriate solution.
  2. Discuss options – We will discuss options for resolution with you and if you have suggestions about how the matter might be resolved you should raise them.
  3. Investigation – Where necessary, the complaint will be investigated. We will try to do so within a reasonable time frame. It may be necessary to contact other entities in order to progress your complaint.
  4. Conduct of our employees – If your complaint involves the conduct of one of our employees we will raise the matter with the employee concerned and seek their comment and input in the resolution of the complaint.
  5. The complaint is substantiated – If your complaint is found to be substantiated, you will be informed of this. We will then take appropriate steps to resolve the complaint, address your concerns and prevent the problem from recurring.
  6. If the complaint is not substantiated, or cannot be resolved to your satisfaction – you can refer the matter to an external dispute resolution service.

What if your complaint is still not resolved?

We hope we will be in a position within 45 days to completely resolve the issues you raise. If, despite our best efforts, you believe your complaint has not been satisfactorily dealt with, or 45 days have elapsed, you may wish to contact our external dispute resolution service. National Asset Finance Pty Ltd trading as National Financial Group is a member of the Credit and Investments Ombudsman Service (‘CIO’) and their services are available free of charge at:

Address: PO Box A252
Sydney South NSW 1235

T: 1800 138 422
F: +61 2 9273 8440

Privacy Complaints

If you believe that your privacy has been infringed or a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles has occurred, you are entitled to complain. All complaints should initially be in writing and directed to our Dispute Resolution Officer. We will respond to your complaint as soon as possible, generally within 30 working days. When this is not possible we will contact you to provide an estimate of how long it will take to handle the complaint. Where we are unable to resolve your complaints or 45 days have elapsed you may contact CIO.

Regarding complaints that relate to the provision of access to your information or a request to correct credit-related personal information that has not taken place, you may complain directly to CIO or to the Privacy Commissioner without first complaining to us.

Anonymous complaints

We are unable to deal with anonymous complaints. This is because we are unable to investigate and follow-up such matters unless we know your name. In the event however, that an anonymous complaint is received we will note the issues raised and, where necessary, try and resolve them appropriately.

National Asset Finance Pty Ltd trading as National Financial Group ACN 169 280 602

Australian Credit Licence No. 459022 

Policy date: July 2014 Version 1.0

National Financial Group’s (NFG’s) commitment to its contractors, customers, shareholders and the community is spelled out in the company’s Privacy Policy. NFG is committed to the protection of your personal information. This Privacy Statement applies to NFG and each of its subsidiaries, and the expressions “we”, “us” and “our” are a reference, collectively and individually.

Australian Privacy Principles

We are bound by the Australian Privacy Principles (“APPs”) under the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1998 (“Privacy Act”). This statement explains how we handle personal information in accordance with the APPs.

Collection of Personal Information

You can browse through this website without registering any of your Personal Information. This Website collects Personal Information about you when you complete a form on the Website and send it to us. When we collect, store or use information about you we try at all times to comply with the National Principles for the Fair Handling of Personal Information. We do not disclose any information collected on this Website to any organization not related to this company. Your information will not be issued to third parties unless we have received your consent to do so. When you provide us with information on this Website we may ask your permission to contact you in the future about products or promotions related to this company. If you give your permission you will be given the opportunity to withdraw it at any later time we contact you.

If you do not give us permission you will not be contacted again except as it pertains to your specific request.

Information collected by our Server

When you visit this site, our server logs the following information provided by your browser (which does not personally identify you);  Our server logs the date and time of your visit, which pages of our Website you visited and any documents you downloaded. The type of browser and operating system you are using and the previous site that you visited. Your server’s IP address (a number which is unique to the machine through which you are connected to the Internet: usually one of your service provider’s machines). Our server might use a feature of your browser called a “cookie” to assign a user ID. Cookies identify your computer to our server when you visit our site. We only use cookies to store the site or databases that a user has selected. Cookies are not used for any other purposes. You do not need to have configured your browser to enable the accepting or sending of cookies in order to use this site.

We only use the information collected by our server to generate statistics and analyse site activity.

How we use Personal Information collected about you

We will reply to your email address for the purpose for which you provided it. If you give permission, we will use your personal information (see below for what Personal Information we collect) only to send you emails to announce products or promotions related to this company. Every time we send you an email, we will give you the opportunity to choose not to receive further emails of that type. We may also use your email address to respond to feedback given on this site and to confirm receipt of emails sent to us.
Do we disclose any information to outside parties.

We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your personally identifiable information unless we have received your consent to do so. This does not include trusted third parties who assist us in operating our website, conducting our business, or servicing you, so long as those parties agree to keep this information confidential. 

We may also release your information when we believe release is appropriate to comply with the law, enforce our site policies, or protect ours or others rights, property, or safety. However, non-personally identifiable visitor information may be provided to other parties for marketing, advertising, or other uses.

What Personal Information do we collect?

When you send a form on this Website to us, it will provide the following Personal Information:
• Your name
• Your email address

On some forms it will additionally ask for:

• Your phone number
• Your fax number
• Your address

Access to your personal information

If you have any questions about this Privacy statement or if you wish to gain access to the information that we may have collected about you, please contact NFG. If any of the Personal Information we are holding has changed, we will correct it for you.

Links to other Sites

This site contains links to other Websites. We are not responsible for their Privacy Policies.

Changes to the Statement

We reserve the right to change our Privacy Statement. A revised Privacy Statement will only apply to data collected subsequent to its effective date.

Contact us

If you would like a copy of our Privacy Policy or more information about our Privacy Policy, please contact our Privacy Officer by:

Telephone:   0499651575
Address:        PO Box 9277 South Yarra VIC 3141


The information is displayed in good faith, however, NFG makes no representations or warranties, under any circumstances, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy of this information. Furthermore, under no circumstances will NFG be liable for any claims of any nature caused by reliance on this information.

Liability Disclaimer

The information and associated products and services contained in the Web Site may include inaccuracies or typographical errors. We may make improvements and/or changes to the Web Site at any time. NFG or its employees and/or suppliers make no representations about the suitability of the information and associated products and services contained in the Web Site for any purpose. All information and associated product and services contained in the Web Site are provided without warranty of any kind other than those provided by the statue in some states of Australia. NFG or its employees and/or suppliers hereby disclaim all warranties and conditions with regard to this information and associated products and services, including all implied warranties. In no event shall NFG or its employees and/or suppliers be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special or consequential damages arising out of or in any way connected with the use of this Web Site or with the provision of service, information and associated products and services contained in the Web Site.


NFG reserves the right to modify these terms from time to time and will provide the revised terms on this Web Site within a reasonable period.