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GoGetta Equipment Funding has closed – Refinance now.

Background to GoGetta:

GoGetta catered for small and medium sized businesses who often could not obtain equipment finance through banks or mainstream financiers with ease. Customers got a quick and easy approval process. Established by Silver Chef, a hospitality financier, GoGetta financed vehicles, industrial and fitness equipment via a one-year rental agreements. After the initial period customers could purchase with a rental rebate (known as “Rent-Try-Buy” or rent-to-buy), or roll the contract into a lease agreement. They required no additional security and or director’s guarantees.

GoGetta is now Closed:

Early in 2018 Silver Chef management decided to close the GoGetta business and to exit all their customer contracts. Unfortunately over 50 GoGetta staff have left the business. If you have a current GoGetta finance agreement you may not get the customer support, or financial support you expect, or need.  If you have finance with GoGetta, we strongly suggest you get in touch with us to discuss your options for refinancing your GoGetta contract.

GoGetta Refinance:

As GoGetta made it easier to obtain finance initially, some banks and financiers will not refinance their contracts. Hence this process is not as simple as it should be. However, we have recently assisted a number of GoGetta customers to refinance their equipment or vehicles with some of our other trusted financiers.  
NFG Finance has over 40 lenders on our panel, including those who will refinance GoGetta contracts. We have financiers who specialise in refinancing and those who are happy to finance new, used and specialised equipment, from a dealer or a private sale. We can arrange equipment loans, leases, rentals and rent-to-buy arrangements. Whether you are buying, refinancing, or looking for business finance we are ready to assist you. As your finance broker, we can provide finance options from a large number of suitable financiers.
We have recently helped a number of customers to refinance their GoGetta contracts, here are two examples:
Example 1: Customer A was paying just under $800 per week to GoGetta (around $3,500 per month) and had been paying this amount for 18 months. At the rate the payout was decreasing it would have taken nearly five years before they would own the vehicle. We assisted the customer to refinance their GoGetta contract with one of our banks on a streamlined policy. No financials, property backing or deposit was required. Approval was based on their good payment history. They are now paying under $500 per week (around $2,000 per month) and will own the vehicle outright in 18 months.
Example 2: Customer B was paying $300 per week to GoGetta (around $1,300 per month) for a package of specialised equipment they financed when establishing their business. The customer was looking to refinance their GoGetta payout, they also needed some additional equipment to help them grow the business. Recently established, not being property owners, and recently changing from a partnership to a company, they didn’t qualify with mainstream lenders. We assisted by refinancing their GoGetta payout with a package of new equipment. We helped the customer achieve a 48% reduction in payment, inclusive of the new equipment, down to $155 per week. The monthly savings helped to offset the cost of an additional business loan we arranged which enabled them to upgrade their fitout and purchase new stock.

NFG Finance – we are here to help:

While it is disappointing to see GoGetta’s exit, NFG Finance is here to assist all GoGetta customers. We specialise in helping start-up businesses and rapidly growing business to access the finance they need to grow and succeed. Every business is different and each financier has a preferred customer profile. The reality is that some customers, even if they are doing ok, won’t currently qualify with some lenders, this is why we provide finance from wide range of 40 lenders.  
Don’t waste your time or damage your credit rating applying to your bank. They will generally only assist where you can show them 3 years of profitable financials, and are a home owner with plenty of equity, as well as having a perfect credit file. Even if you meet bank policy response times can be weeks at a time, it is up to you to follow them up. Bank delays and refusal will not only waste your time, but can impact your credit file. Don’t risk your equipment, your business or your credit rating, finance is an important factor in the success of your business, this is why we recommend you use a finance broker. 
As your finance broker we will take the time to understand your business, your goals and your challenges. We will bring you suitable finance options and then arrange the financing for you in a timely manner. For more information on why we think you should use a finance broker and why we think you should choose us as your finance broker, please read the article linked here.
Whether you have a current GoGetta contract and are considering refinancing, have previously had a GoGetta contract, or even if you are just looking at your finance options, we can help. 
If you are in business and want to talk finance, please contact us for a ‘no obligation’ review of your options.

NFG Finance – Specialise in Providing Finance for Small and Medium Businesses:

Often small and medium businesses fall through the cracks of bank policies, for reasons including:
  • Being a start-up business,
  • Being a renter rather than property owner/buyer,
  • Not having a large cash deposit,
  • A lack of, or limited credit history,
  • Past credit issues, bad credit rating or defaults,
  • Not having recent financials completed,
  • Financials showing losses (trading, start-up or tax losses),
  • Not having enough lending to be managed by a bank. 

Please contact us today to discuss your finance options. 


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